Babyliss Big Hair Rotating Brush

Babyliss Big Hair Rotating Brush Review

How many of you have tried adding volume to your hair by holding a blow dryer in one hand and a brush in another? Then you know how hard it is to reproduce the hairdresser’s effect at home. Fortunately all is not lost because Babyliss has come up with an ingenious invention called the Babyliss big hair rotating brush which combines a hair dryer with a brush.

The theory is that combining both of these things makes it easier to style your hair and give yourself the salon look. Check out the video below to see it in action or scroll down to read our full review.

NameMost Suitable ForRatingPrice £  
BaByliss 2777U 42 mm Big Hair Rotating StylerShort/Medium length hair and fringes.4.8 out of 5 Stars
Babyliss Big Hair 2885U 50mm Spinning Brush Heat StylerLong hair4.8 out of 5 Stars


  • 700W 42mm or 50mm ceramic barrel with soft brush bristles. The Babyliss Big Hair 42mm is good for fringes and shorter layers.
  • Two heat settings plus a cool setting. High heat is used for initial drying, followed by low heat for styling. Cool is used to set the style and makes the style last longer.
  • The multi-directional brush comes with two rotation speeds. On high heat the brush head rotates faster than when it is on the lower heat setting. The brush does not rotate on the cool setting. This directional feature is what gives your hairstyle volume and shine.
  • Hinged rear filter and a 2.5m longer length cord.
  • The big hair brush comes with a 3 year guarantee and a protective cover so you can preserve the bristles on the brush and keep it away from small hands!
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A lot of hair tools these days come with an Ionic feature. Basically what this does is to remove static electricity in your hair and smooth the scales on your cuticles to leave your hair smooth, shiny and most importantly manageable.

Does it work? Well, when we compared our tests with consumer reviews the answer was yes. People said it did give them a lovely frizz free shine.


Initial Impression

When you take the brush out of its packaging the first thing that you notice is that it is a lot bigger than an ordinary brush. A lot bigger! This should not come as a surprise really considering that it is also a Babyliss Hair Dryer.

In terms of weight however it does not feel too heavy and because you are using one hand rather than two you can switch hands when one starts to ache. So how easy is the Babyliss Big Brush to use?

To get an idea of how easy the brush is to use, we have included the instructions for you below.

  1. Start by sectioning your hair into at least four sections. For best results your hair should be roughly 90% dry before you use the Babyliss big hair brush. You may find you get better results if you use volumising cream or mousse .
  2. Turn the brush on and set the heat to what you want. Select a section of hair to work on and place the brush as close as you can to your roots. Brush to remove tangles.
  3. For extra root boost, hold the brush at the root for a few seconds.
  4. As you move the Babyliss 2775u big hair rotating styler through your hair, begin to rotate the brush away from your head using the rotate button as you get to the end.
  5. When you do this, resist the spin of the brush by pulling the brush downwards. This creates tension through the section of your hair. This may take a few goes to get this right so be patient.
  6. To add a lot more volume, put the brush at the end of the hair section and allow the brush to rotate along the section by pressing and holding the correct rotate button. Wind the entire section of hair around the barrel until you reach the root. Release the rotate button and then leave the brush in the hair for a few seconds.
  7. When you are happy with the results use the cool switch setting for a few extra seconds to add long lasting volume.


As you may have been able to deduce from the instructions above, the babyliss big hair rotating brush is not fool proof. If you try to use it without reading the instructions it will just not work. A lot of negative comments have been written about this product simply because people did not take the time to read the instructions and practice using it.

If you are more of a visual person, you can find lots of video tutorials on YouTube. There is definitely a technique to getting the big brush to work so you do need to practice if you want it to work for you. We wanted to see what the brush was like on different length hair. You can read our results below.

I have had a love-hate relationship with my hair for years…. Enters the big hair brush. The first time I tried it, I was semi-successful, I took big sections of my hair and it ended a little frizzy, definitely necessitating the use of the straightener again. I am getting so much better with it, I manage to create soft curls, both in the front and the back, while keeping my hair very smooth and sleek – I kid you not it looks like … continue reading here

The Babyliss Brush on Short/Medium Length Hair

When we tried this on our short haired tester she found it to be easy, quick and efficient. She liked the fact that you could use the brush in one hand and use your spare hand to guide your hair onto the brush because the big hair keeps the hair under control. In terms of negative comments, the barrel is much larger than an ordinary brush and because of this; it is a lot harder to reach the roots near your scalp.

We think that the Babyliss big hair brush is great for shorter hair and is ideal for shoulder length or bobbed hair. Our tester said it is the best way she has found to eliminate frizz and left her hair looking silky smooth all day and would buy one.

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The Babyliss Big Hair Brush on Long Hair

It turns out from our test that the type of hair that the Babyliss brush is least effective on is long fine hair. The reason for this is that you are far more likely to catch your hair in the brush. It is not painful when it happens but it can be annoying. If it does happen, simply turn the button of to stop the brush spinning. You can then gently take your hair out of the brush. Another option is to push the button in reverse which lets your hair go faster. It takes more practice with long hair.

You need to make sure you angle the brush correctly so that you get even volume across all of your hair. If you are curling under hair you may find a straightener faster and easier to use. If you have long hair then the brush is definitely harder to use but those people who did persevere with it were happy with the results.

In terms of negative comments our tester also found the babyliss big brush 50mm sized styler too big to get to her scalp. She also found that If she used the brush for a long time then the end of the brush got very hot so had to be careful not to burn herself on the tip.

Another product that won’t work on long hair is the Curl Secret also by Babyliss, so if you want to try different styles then it might be worth considering chopping a few inches off.

Babyliss Big Hair Conclusion

The Babyliss Big Hair brush is a great idea that has been well designed. If you have short, or medium length hair then you will find that you can get the style you want quickly and easily. This is brilliant at curling under ends, especially on shorter hair. . It also works well on frizzy and naturally curly hair as well.

If you don’t have time to wash your hair you can use the big brush on the frizzy sections of your hair and restyle. If you have long hair then you will need to spend a bit more time using it and might find your hair getting caught in the brush more often.

However, we found that it did take limp hair and give it volume and shine. You need to practice and spend time learning the technique to get the most use out of it. Essentially the Babyliss big hair brush gives you the same results as if you were using a hair-dryer and brush but a lot faster and easier.

If you want the salon dried hair look then we suggest you use some product and be prepared to spend 30-40 minutes to get it.

To get a big hair brush at the best possible price scroll to the top of the page to see our comparison chart with prices from four of the biggest online retailers.


If you want a hot hair styler but not sure the Babyliss is right for you then click on the image below to see the alternatives.

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