Cloud 9 Straighteners

Cloud 9 Straighteners 


The world of hair straighteners is a competitive one so why on earth would a new company set up to compete with big names like GHD?

Answer? Because they believe that they know what they are talking about and can do better! One of the original founders of GHD, Robert Powls set up a rival hair company called cloud nine in 2010 with a huge blaze of publicity and hype.

When all the dust settled people discovered that cloud 9 straighteners are actually rather impressive. Many reviewers said that cloud 9 is superior to the old ghd IV style and can easily go head to head against the GHD V range.

Below is a break down of the four different models available. The Classic, wide, mini and the new C9 touch.

Price Comparison

Use our helpful quick glance chart below to see the differences between each flat iron. We have also included a price comparison from three big online retailers. These companies usually have the most competitive prices which is why they have been included.

Plate Size
Best ForTemperature
Price £ LookFantastic.comPrice £ AmazonPrice £
Every hair type.7
Heat 100 - 220ºC
Very long and very thick hair. Hair with a tight natural curl.7
Heat 100 - 220ºC
C9 Touch
Every hair type. Instant heat. LED display. No buttons/switches.2
C9 Touch White
** New for 2015 - White Editions **
Every hair type. Instant heat. LED display. No buttons/switches.


Fringes, short hair styles and travelling.
Perfect for men :-)

Cloud Nine Original


Cloud 9 straighteners have unique black plates with special minerals which automatically the manufacturers say “add a great shine to your hair every time you use them”. I don’t know what the minerals are or why the plates have to be black but I do know they work and do give a great shine to your hair.

The lead is really long so you don’t have to sit really close to the plug. With such a long lead there is the potential for you to get tangled up in the wire but fortunately the cloud nine straightener comes with a swivel chord so you don’t need to worry.

The pouch and protective heat cover are a nice addition to the package. It means the flat iron can cool down safely without you accidentally burning yourself. The cloud nine straightener also has rounded edges which make it a lot easier if you want to add a wave to your hair or curl it.

The biggest plus factor the The Cloud Nine Original Iron has over ghd is adjustable temperature which goes from 100 to 220 degrees Celsius. With the LED panel you can see what temperature the straightener is set at and using the buttons allows you to quickly turn the temperature up or down.


Click on the picture to enlarge it.
Click on the picture to enlarge it.


There is always a worry that if you are using the searing heat of a straightener on your hair daily then it could potentially damage your hair. With the adjustable temperature on the cloud 9 however, you can get the same results or even sometimes better than the ghd gold without having it set on the maximum temperature.

You can build up the heat slowly until you get the style you want and protect your hair at the same time. This means that you can straighten, smooth, flick or curl your hair at lower temperatures.

There are other straighteners that have made the claim they work at lower temperatures that don’t work but this cloud 9 straightener really does.

If you have thin hair and do not want to burn it, then the lower temp is perfect. One reviewer said she can straighten her hair at a lower temperature and know that her hair will stay straight the whole day.


The Wide version is designed for women with very thick, wavy or/and long hair. If you have all three of these then you will definitely need to go wide.

The good news is that at the moment the price for the normal and Cloud Nine Wide Plate Black Hair Straightener are the same price.


ebay c9

The C9 Touch **New in 2014**

Hot off the production line is the C9. It is the same size as the original model with the same features but what makes it unique is the fact that the heat is instant and their are absolutely no buttons! To turn it on you click the plates together and it instantly reaches its maximum heat of 195 degrees.

If you require a lower temperature you click the plates together three times which drops the plates to 165 degrees.

An LED indicator tells you which setting you are on. Red for hot, blue for the lower heat. When you have finished the C9 flat iron detects this and cools down but turns on again with one stroke of your hair. This product is so new that there are only a few reviews available on-line and we have not yet been able to get hold of one ourselves.


However, we have a video demonstration below and you can now buy one for yourself for the same price or cheaper than the original model. For more information check out this article – Cloud Nine Touch review.


** New for 2015 ** There is now a white edition of the C9 which looks fantastic. It is currently the same price as the original black ones so well worth checking out.

Micro Model

There is also a micro model which is designed for ladies with short hair styles. The design is lightweight and small so you could easily put it into a handbag which means this doubles up as a travel iron.

The other big bonus is that this is just over half price but this hair flat iron does not come with an LCD display temperature control. This The cloud nine micro is also popular with men who want ultra straight fringes.


Any Negatives?

So far I have just listed the positive comments about this straightener. However, there are one or two things you should be aware of. The smallest negative comment is that if you are used to a GHD hair straightener then it can take a little bit of time to get used to this design.

One or two owners also said that you can potentially pinch your fingers on the straighteners when pulling them out of their storage pouches so be careful. The biggest complaint was on earlier models that they automatically went into cool down mode and refused to heat up. One owner suggested that you always turn the straightener off after using it to avoid this potential problem.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to price the original cloud 9 straighteners are cheaper than the GHD V range but not as cheap as the classic GHD IV irons. However, the C9 range is the same price as the IV irons, has adjustable heat and new technology.

For peace of mind Cloud Nine straighteners come with a 1 year guarantee and a 2 year manufacturing warranty. So if you are looking for a professional flat iron that works at lower temperatures then cloud 9 straighteners are worth it.

This is our favourite company when it comes to flat irons. That’s why they made our Best Hair Straighteners 2015 list.

Also check out the comparison chart at the top of this page which shows you the different straighteners side by side.

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Attention American Readers: Unfortunately the Cloud Nine range are currently not available in the US. However a great alternative is the Neuro Smooth Paul Mitchell Flat Iron. Click on the link to read more about their whole range.

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