Why We Love the Oral B 6000 Bluetooth Toothbrush

Smile like you mean it :-)

Here at beauty by design we tend to focus on the hair products that make you look glamorous but when we came across the Oral B Pro 6000 electric toothbrush we knew we had to say something about it. Us Brits seem to have a terrible reputation when it comes to our teeth and oral hygiene (thank you Austin Powers!) which is why we want to re-address the balance. If you are on the lookout for a new electric toothbrush then this is the one for you.

Too hot to handle?

Our first reaction when taking the Oral B Bluetooth brush out of the box was OMG this looks complicated. The beast of an instruction manual didn’t help with this feeling either but once we opened it up, it was actually very straightforward and helped put our minds at rest.

Being a beauty related blog I imagine that you are dying to know what this toothbrush looks like. We would say handsome. The colour combination with the blue LED lighting is really effective alongside the sleek design of the body itself.  The actual brush is also feels great in your hand as well. The carrier case and stand are not only stylish but very practical as well and help to store the extra heads etc.

If you have seen the Oral B 5000 models then you might know that it comes with a wireless smart guide and the 6000 also has this feature. What makes this toothbrush so unique is the fact that has Bluetooth connectivity. Basically what this means is that you can connect it to any android or apple I product. Yes that includes your ipad! This allows you to track your brushing progress over a long period of time and even share it with your dentist.


Why we love the oral b bluetooth toothbrush

Comments from other users are very positive. One user said that their teeth much felt cleaner for a lot longer after switching from a manual toothbrush to the Bluetooth Oral B brush. The Oral B 6000 is first and foremost a fantastic electric toothbrush. The additional exta toothbrush heads, travel case, stand and smart guide really add to the brush.

We think that the app might put some people off from getting this toothbrush because it looks like a gimmick. Only time will tell but we think that the information it gives will be invaluable to dentists and eventually wireless technology could become common place. However, if you are looking for the same great cleaning experience without the app then checkout theOral-B 5000 TriZone here.

If you have ever had issues with your teeth or gums before then it is well worth investing in the Oral B 6000 because it will help you really look after your mouth for years to come. Another user said that they never realized that different electric toothbrushes could make such a massive difference. We think that the Oral B Pro 6000 is going to be the best electric toothbrush of 2014.

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